Skin cancer

Skin cancer is more common in aging skin, but it can also occur in younger people as well. The underlying cause of skin cancer in most cases is excessive exposure to the sun. Hereditary factors and one’s inherent skin type will further influence the risk of skin cancer (fairer skin = higher risk).

Although most skin cancers can be successfully cured if they are discovered and treated early, some (melanoma in particular) are potentially life-threatening as they can spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, it is recommend that patients undergo a complete skin screening on an annual basis – or more frequently depending on the condition of one’s skin and personal/family history.

Sun protection is essential to reducing one’s risk of skin cancer. This means daily use of a sufficient amount of sunscreen year round and avoidance of sun exposure at peak hours (10am-3pm). As most of one’s lifetime damage is accumulated by the age of 18 years, it is essential to start protection strategies early in life.

This excellent website provide up-to-date information on the detection, treatment and management of skin cancers of various stages. You will also find information here regarding self-examination and warning signs of skin cancer.